Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How I Spent My Time During The Holiday

During the holiday, I only used my time at my home. I did not went or visited any interested place. I like stayed at the home because I could help my parents and siblings. I was very happy when I helped them cook the meal and clean my house like . I have a dream about my family. It is my family is in happy like know.

Besides that, I also spent my time with my nephews and nieces. I played and cared them lovely. I have three nephews and four nieces. They were Azizah, Ayanie, Aiman, Amil, Siti, Aufa and Yazid. They were very naughty children. Sometimes, they made me like the crazy girl with their attitude.

My sister leaved her children because she was working. So, because the litter child, Aufa wanted me to cared her, only I threat her. Although, threat a litter girl was difficult, I was very enjoyed and happy because they made me laugh. Our relationship were very quite until I felt very sadly when they back to their own house.

Moreover, I also spent one day for my best friend. I would go to her house to visited her. I was storied about what happen to myself when I in the campus for study. She too. After that, I would go to my aunty and uncle’s home to visit her with my best friend. I thanked for God because they in health.

That’s all about how I spent my time during the last holiday. I am not the girl that likes to walk and enjoy like the other people. I hope I can make my family proud with me. I would like to tell all of you, you must love your family. Family First!


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  1. Couldn't agree with you better..Family do come first in our lives..