Thursday, February 12, 2009


Time is always gone without waiting for us. In AL-Quran also talk about the time is very important. The thing that happened the past we could not take back but only memories can give back the best or bad event to us. I have many the best things that happened to myself and I never forgot that’s event like I was the personality of student in my primary school, picnic together with my family and I have many friends.

First, I was the personality of student in my primary school on year 2002 during I am twelve years old. I am very lucky that time because I also sling the responsibility as the Assistant of the Leader Prefect. That’s happened because all of my teachers believed of me. Besides that, I also the best student and active student in my school. The time that I received the esteem from the side of school I felt very affected. My parents were proud with me and I felt very happy until my tears are fallen

Second, the best event that happened in my life is together with my family. We spent the time together like went to picnic and also visited my grandfather and grand mother at the Batu Rakit. I am very lucky because I have the caring and loving family. Why I said like that because when I sick my family are worried about me and they give me medicine especially my mother. I felt very sad when I separated with them.

Lastly, the best thing in my life is I have a best friend and also many friends. They also help me when I have the problem. I still remember more when I am facing a strange illness, my friends inspirit to me to fight my disease. Now I felt beautiful of friendship, during us negligent friends, advise us, and bring us to the right way.

As a conclusion, which matter make I did not forget and be always in memory was to become student figure, rejoice with family and had friends which took heavy of myself. Sometimes wonderful things make we continue to be enthusiastic.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Everyone has the own strength and weakness and me too. I think I have many weaknesses in myself because until now I feel like that. So, I want to change myself to be a good person in my life.

The first thing I want change about myself is I want to be a good student and also the good child for my parents. I have the own responsibility and I will study hard to achieve my target in this semester and success in my life.

Besides that, I also want change myself about study English. I want improve my English subject to be the properly. As the first step, I try to know and understood the word. I also study hard to understand about grammar and do many exercises until today. I hope I can improve my English.

Furthermore, I also try to cut down my sleep. I have more time for sleep than time for study. This habit is very bad and I try to change it because this habit does not have any benefits. Now, the time for sleep has used by me to do the right things.

Lastly, I want to increase and add my knowledge such as the news and also the information about the things what happen now like the war that happened between Yahudi and the Muslim in Gaza. I really disappointed about that.

As the conclusion, I hope I can change myself to be better person. Maybe I can change the world.