Monday, January 19, 2009


I feel very proud with myself because succeed to step foot to campus world and get which course I like. First time I step foot to my campus life I sec my mind to study very hard. Even though I pretty weak in English.
I venture the risk to study for in UiTMT because which course I interested in namely diploma in culinary art. People said every which occurred surely there is meaning. My first experience was cooking the western food. I think I will learn the Malaise cuisine only but I also learn the western one. I hate the western food that is my first perception about it. I strive learn to love the western food. Now, I already know to cook western food although only a few of recipe.
I am the group C’s member. My group member stand by 4 boys and 7 girls include me. I am very lucky because I have the nice and helpful friends. Last semester, we all had the BBQ near the Teluk Gadung beach and invited my loving lecturer, Mr. Hairi. We all very enjoyed that night.

In the hostel, I have the own group of friend we named the 214 crew. I am very enjoying with them. My group members are Anisakis, Zati, Ieqa, Yong, Akak, Aisyah and Ieda. At the holiday, we all together in 214 room watched the movie and dinner at the Gadung. Our relationship so far so good, likes one family. I am very happy with them.

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  1. You look totally different in the picture above..I'm sure you're happy being surrounded with your friends who help you a lot..