Friday, February 6, 2009


Everyone has the own strength and weakness and me too. I think I have many weaknesses in myself because until now I feel like that. So, I want to change myself to be a good person in my life.

The first thing I want change about myself is I want to be a good student and also the good child for my parents. I have the own responsibility and I will study hard to achieve my target in this semester and success in my life.

Besides that, I also want change myself about study English. I want improve my English subject to be the properly. As the first step, I try to know and understood the word. I also study hard to understand about grammar and do many exercises until today. I hope I can improve my English.

Furthermore, I also try to cut down my sleep. I have more time for sleep than time for study. This habit is very bad and I try to change it because this habit does not have any benefits. Now, the time for sleep has used by me to do the right things.

Lastly, I want to increase and add my knowledge such as the news and also the information about the things what happen now like the war that happened between Yahudi and the Muslim in Gaza. I really disappointed about that.

As the conclusion, I hope I can change myself to be better person. Maybe I can change the world.

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