Monday, March 9, 2009


Every woman have the own taste about man. How about me??? Of course I also like that, I have my own taste about man. Firstly, I want to find a man that has a good attitude like my father. I ask like that because my father is the best father in this world. I want to find someone like my father because he is very cool man. He is very loving father and caring husband. Although I don’t have any couple now but I think I have someone that very caring for me.

The first thing I see about someone is he is a good children and a best Muslim that obey of command from Allah. When he has the good attitude he can lead me from do the wrong thing to do the right thing.
Furthermore, if he is caring person he can awake me if I feel bad and if have the problems I can share with him because I think he very understands person. Everything can be settle if the partner know who am I and how my attitude.

The responsible man is also being my choice because that man can threat me if I sick and when I have a big problem. He can be my counseling and give the advice. But the good man to me is can accept me as I am.

I hope one day I can get the real lover that can give more love to me and care me as long as well. I will thankful to Allah if I get the true love.

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